Happy Birthday Charles Dornberger


Charles Dornberger
Born June5, 1898, New York, NY
Died February 8, 1944, Reno, NV
Artist Biography 
~by Eugene Chadbourne
The career of Charles Dornberger included early and important participation in the reed section of the Paul Whiteman band. But he also had a fair amount of success in the '20s and '30s leading the Charles Dornberger Orchestra, particularly in Canada. Descending from hard-working German stock, Dornberger was said to have been a skilled musician who could get around fairly well on many of the instruments in the orchestra. Family members have been unable to recall any formal training, meaning he picked up these abilities on his own and did it well enough to pass muster with Whiteman, his first and historically most important employer as a professional musician. The two had met during service in the U.S. Navy in 1918; Dornberger was a pilot and Whiteman was training musicians for various service bands.

By the mid-'20s Dornberger had stepped out of both the cockpit and the reed section to start up his own band, leading to a contract with Victor as well as the creation of a series of musical shorts for Warner Brothers. Discographer Tom Lord lists Dornberger's final recording sessions as having taken place in 1929, but he continued leading bands for at least another decade, sometimes fronting as many as 35 musicians. A series of skilled players and arrangers emerged from his organization -- such as Frank Ventre, who went on to create hit material for Fats Waller. Dornberger orchestra recordings have continued to be of great interest to collectors of nostalgia, but by the early '40s the bandleader himself could have hardly understood the long-range appeal of his projects. He retired early from the music business, opening a bar in Santa Ana, California, known as the Circus Tent, perhaps because the patrons were a bunch of clowns. Dornberger died when a plane he was piloting crashed; the accident also took the life of his girlfriend.
Charles Dornberger 
Artist Biography by Eugene Chadbourne

Albert Green Hopkins, C&W vocals
b. Gap Creek, NC, USA.
Member groups: "The Hill Billies" and "The Buckle Busters".
Albert Green Hopkins (1889 – October 21, 1932) (Al Hopkins) was an American musician, a pioneer of what later came to be called country music; in 1925 he originated the earlier designation of this music as "hillbilly music", though not without qualms about its pejorative connotation.
Hopkins played piano, an unusual instrument for Appalachian music. The members of the band that brought him to fame (which was known by several names: The Hill Billies, Al Hopkins' Original Hill Billies, and Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters) came variously from Hopkins' own Watauga County, North Carolina and from Grayson and Carroll Counties in Virginia. 
Although the group formed up in 1924 in Galax, Virginia, they were based in Washington, D.C., and performed regularly on WRC. In 1927 they became the first country musicians to perform in New York City. They were also the first to play for a president of the United States (Calvin Coolidge, at a Press Correspondents' gathering) and the first to appear in a movie (a 15-minute Warner Bros./Vitaphone short released along with Al Jolson's The Singing Fool).
Al Hopkins - Wikipedia

Vaughn Horton, songwriter
b. Broad Top, PA, USA.
Best known song: "Choo Choo Ch'boogie".

Composer and Musician. He wrote over 1000 songs including 25 gold records; inducted into the Country Music Songwriter Hall of Fame on Oct 11, 1971 in Nashville, Tennessee. He wrote "Mockin' Bird Hill," "Sugarfoot Rag," "Charlie was a Boxer," "Mule Skinner's Blues," "Till the end of the World," and "In Care of Uncle Sam," which was a popular song of airmen during bombing raids in 1943.

"Washboard Slim", Washboard
b. Marshall, Texas, USA. 

d. June 2, 1989.
Philadelphia, PA, USA. 

Age: 89. né: Robert Young.

Notable Events 

On This Date Include:

"Sleepy" John Estes
died in Brownsville, TN, USA.
Age: 78.
Image result for Muddy" Waters
Legendary Blues singer "Muddy" Waters died.
Age: 64.
Mort Herbert, bassist
d. Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Age: 57
(played with Louis Armstrong)

Narciso Martinez
(tejano conjunto) accordion
d. San Benito, TX, USA.
Narciso Martínez, given the nickname, El Huracan del Valle, by a furniture dealer and talent broker nameed Enrique Valentin, began recording in 1935 and is the father of conjunto music.
Age: 80
Songs Recorded/Released
On This Date Include:


Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra - Tell Me


Viola McCoy - Long Lost Mama

Lena Wilson - I Need You To Drive My Blues Away

The Happy Six - 
Ritzi Mitzi
  • Stella


Ted Lewis and his Band - I Wonder What's Become Of Sally?
  • Barnyard Blues
  • I Love You


Isham Jones and his Orchestra - I'm Tired Of Everything But You


Rosa Henderson accompanied by the Four Black Diamonds - Daddy Come Back

Harry Reser and his Orchestra

Ted Lewis and his Band - I Love You

Harry Reser and his Orchestra
  • Am I A Passing Fancy ? (Or Am I The One In Your Dreams ?)
  • Singin' In The Rain


Lee Morse and her Bluegrass Boys - Swingin' In The Hammock


Johnny Hamp and his Orchestra
  • On the Beach With You - Vocal refrain by Carl Graub


Isham Jones and his OrchestraSweet Georgia Brown


Fats Waller and his Rhythm - Big Chief De Sota


Johnny Dodds and his Orchestra - Gravier Street Blues


Sweet Georgia Brown

No Gal Made Has Got A Shade
On Sweet Georgia Brown,
Two Left Feet, Oh, So Neat,
Has Sweet Georgia Brown!
They All Sigh, And Want To Die,
For Sweet Georgia Brown!
I'll Tell You Just Why,
You Know I Don't Lie, Not Much:
It's Been Said She Knocks 'Em Dead,
When She Lands In Town!
Since She Came, Why It's A Shame,
How She Cools Them Down!
Fellas She Can't Get
Must Be Fellas She Ain't Met!
Georgia Claimed Her, Georgia Named Her,
Sweet Georgia Brown!
No Gal Made Has Got A Shade
On Sweet Georgia Brown,
Two Left Feet, Oh, So Neat,
Has Sweet Georgia Brown!
They All Sigh, And Want To Die,
For Sweet Georgia Brown!
I'll Tell You Just Why,
You Know I Don't Lie; Not Much:
All Those Gifts Those Courters Give,
To Sweet Georgia Brown,
They Buy Clothes At Fashion Shows,
With One Dollar Down,
Oh, Boy! Tip Your Hat!
Oh, Joy! She's The Cat!
Who's That, Mister? 'Tain't A Sister!
Sweet Georgia Brown!

It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
~Written by Billy Mayhew

Be sure it's true when you say "I love you"
It's a sin to tell a lie
Millions of heart have been broken
Just because these words were spoken

I love you, yes I do, I love you
If you break my heart I'll die
So be sure it's true when you say "I love you"
It's a sin to tell a lie

MONOLOGUE: Now, ya better be sure that it's true when you say "I LUV ya."
Honey chile, don'tcha know it's a sin to tell a lie? Whole LOTTA hearts have been
broken. Ya know why they were broken? Just for these foolish little words that
were spoken. Ya know what they were? "I LUV ya, I LUV ya." Darlin', ya know
doggone well I LUV ya and if ya break my heart I've GOT to die. So ya better be
sure that it's true when you come runnin' up here sayin' "I LUV ya" 'cause it's a sin
to tell a lie.

I love you, yes I do, I love you
If you break my heart I'll die
So be sure it's true when you say "I love you"
It's a sin to tell a lie

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