"Arkie the Arkansas Woodchopper"
(also: MC, dance caller, and humorist)
b. Knob Noster, Missouri, USA
d. June 23, 1981.
né: Luther William Ossenbrink.
Arkie was originally Luther Ossenbrink from Knob Noster, Missouri
He was the singing cowboy and square dance caller on the WLS Barn Dance
for decades --broadcast from Chicago throughout the midwest.
Desi Arnaz, singer/drums/leader
b. Santiago, Cuba, d. Dec. 2., 1986, Lung Cancer.
né: Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y De Acha III.
His marriage to Lucy broke up over his alcohol abuse and 'womanizing'. During the 1933 Batista revolution, Desi's father, the mayor of Santiago, landed in jail and as well stripped of his wealth, property and power. Due to U.S. intervention, Desi' father was released from jail and the family fled to Miami, Florida, where one of Desi's first jobs was cleaning canary cages. 
Later, he joined Xavier Cugat "the king of Latin music", but soon left Cugat, and formed his own Latin band, which almost singlehandedly launched America's conga craze.
Desi appeared in the Broadway play 'Too Many Girls'. When the play went to Hollywood, Desi went with it and it was on the film set of 'Too Many Girls' that he met his wife to be, Lucille Ball. The marriage produced two children, Lucie and Desi, Jr. Ten years later, the couple formed Desilu Productions to produce their hit TV show "I Love Lucy". When the show ended, their marriage also ended in divorce. Later, Desi was diagnosed with lung cancer, and died on December 2, 1986. 

Kurt Weill
b. Dessau, Germany
d. Apr. 3, 1950.
A Classical composer in Germany with Berthold Brecht collaborator. With the rise of Nazism, he came to America and built a career as a "Pop" music writer. It was Louis Armstrong who absolutely catapulted his "Three Penny Opera" ("Drei Pfennig Opera") to fame with Satchmo's version of "Mack The Knife" ("Mackie der Messer"). The tune is now a "Pop Standard".
Kutte "Kurt" Widmann, Leader
b. Berlin, Germany,
d. 1954.
**I am trying to locate a short bio for this entry. If anyone reading this can translate one of the on-line bios for Kurt Widmann from German to English or if you can provide any biographical information -- I would love to hear from you!! Thank-you. ~c

Notable Events Occurring 
On This Date Include: 

"Bat The Humming Bird" Robinson, piano
died in St. Louis, MO, USA.
Age: 53

Thomas Pinkston
died in Memphis, TN, USA.
Age: 79

Songs Recorded/Released
On This Date Include:


Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra
  • Left All Alone Again Blues (Introducing: "Good Night Boat") (from The Musical Comedy "The Night Boat")


Marion Harris - **Beale Street Blues
Marion Harris - The Memphis Blues

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra
  • Some Little Bird (introducing "The Mocking Bird")


Ladd's Black Aces

The Virginians - Don't Think You'll Be Missed - Vocal Refrain by Aileen Stanley

Bailey's Lucky Seven
  • Gypsy Lady
  • Pay Day Blues


Art Hickman and his Orchestra
  • When We Are Together - Earl Burnett, Director


Merritt Brunies and his Friars Inn Orchestra - Masculine Women! Feminine Men!


Bessie Smith and her Band - After You've Gone

Harry Reser - Collette (w/ Bill Wirges at the piano)


Red Nichols' Five Pennies - Can't Yo' Heah Me Calling, Caroline? - Vocal by Scrappy Lambert

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra


Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra
  • Love You Funny Thing


Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds Of Joy - Lotta Sax Appeal


Fletcher Henderson Orchestra - Rhythm Of The Tambourine


Lee Morse
Lee Morse - Careless Love

Lee Morse - Shadows On The Wall
Lee Morse - When I Lost You


~WC Handy, as performed by Marion Harris

I've seen the lights of gay Broadway,
Old Market Street down by the Frisco Bay,
I've strolled the Prado, I've gambled on the Bourse;
The seven wonders of the world I've seen,
And many are the places I have been,
Take my advice, folks, and see Beale Street first!

You'll see pretty browns in beautiful gowns,
You'll see tailor-mades and hand-me-downs,
You'll meet honest men, and pick-pockets skilled,
You'll find that business never ceases 'til somebody gets killed!

If Beale Street could talk, if Beale Street could talk,
Married men would have to take their beds and walk,
Except one or two who never drink booze,
And the blind man on the corner singing "Beale Street Blues!"

I'd rather be there than any place I know,
I'd rather be there than any place I know,
It's gonna take a sergeant for to make me go!

I'm goin' to the river, maybe by and by,
Yes, I'm goin' to the river, maybe by and by,
Because the river's wet, and Beale Street's done gone dry!

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