Revella Hughes and the Barnett School Orchestra, Huntington, circa 1933. The school was named for Rev. Nelson Barnett, ex-slave from Virginia, one of the important civic leaders of early black Huntington.
Revella Hughes, vocals
b. Huntington, W. VA, USA.
(Recorded on 'Black Swan Records')

REVELLA HUGHES was chosen for Black Swan's debut release (2001, At Dawning / Thank God for a Garden) in 1921. A West Virginia native, Hughes was featured in concert work in 1921 and 1922, then appeared in the New York production of Runnin' Wild in 1923. By 1925 she had moved to Chicago, where she performed with Dave Peyton's Symphonic Syncopators. She appeared with Will Marion Cook's troupe in 1926, but a bout of typhoid fever forced her into temporary retirement in February 1927. Hughes returned to the stage in 1929, garnering roles in the New York productions of Bamboula (1929), Load o' Coal (1929), and Hot Rhythm (1930). 

She continued to work in the musical theater through 1931, but was hospitalized following an operation in West Virginia in 1932. By 1933 she had recovered sufficiently to organize her own symphonic company, which toured West Virginia during 1933–1934. In later years, Hughes performed primarily as a piano and organ soloist. Her last public appearance was as a Hammond organ soloist at Small's (New York) in 1949. Black Swan issued four sides by Hughes in 1921,
which were subsequently reissued on Paramount.

Elbert "Skippy" Williams, Tenor Sax
b. Tuscaloosa, AL, USA. d. Feb. 28, 1994.
First credited as the arranger for some July 12, 1939 recordings for Earl Hines and His Orchestra, Skippy Williams is best known as the substitute for Ben Webster in Duke Ellington's orchestra. Replacing Webster in August 1943, Williams appears on Ellinton's Carnegie Hall recordings in December 1943. He left Ellington in May 1944, on being drafted into the army and was replaced by Big Al Sears.
In the mid-40s he gave tenor sax classes to Pepper Adams in Rochester, NY, and was working with Thelonious Monk in 1946, credited as bandleader for Monk.
Williams also worked with Art Tatum, Fletcher Henderson, Count Basie, Lucky Millinder, Bob Chester, and, according to some sources, played tenor sax on the original recording of Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock", a claim made by several musicians.

Notable Events Occurring
On This Date Include:

"Lightnin' Slim", guitar
died in Detroit, MI, USA.
Age: 61. (né: Otis V. Hicks)
Lightnin' Slim - Wikipedia

Songs Recorded/Released
On This Date Include:


Clara Smith

Sara Martin
Sara Martin - Mistreated Mama Blues

Abe Lyman's California Ambassador Hotel Orchestra
  • Sleepy Baby
  • Was It A Dream


Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra


Charles Remue and his New Stompers Orchestra
Charles Remue and his New Stompers Orchestra - Vladivostok


    Irving Mills' Hotsy-Totsy Gang - Diga Diga Doo

    Irving Mills' Hotsy-Totsy Gang - Don't Mess Around With Me

      Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five - *A Monday Date
      Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five - Fireworks
      *Skip The Gutte
      *DATES NEED CONFIRMATION - (Some sources say these three songs were recorded on JUNE 27th, 1928). Please contact me if you know for sure! 


      Jean Goldkette and his Orchestra - Birmingham Bertha - (From Warner Bros. Picture "On With The Show")
      • An Old Italian Love Song - (Vocal Refrain by Van Fleming)


        Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds Of Joy
        • I Want To Be A Gypsy
        • The Key To My Heart
        • What's Mine Is Yours
        • Why Can't We Do It Again?


        Down South Blues

        Going to the station
        Catch the fastest train that goes
        I’m going back down south
        The weather suits my clothes
        I was raised in the country
        The snow it never fell
        I’m going back down south
        If I don’t do so well
        Love is like water
        Gets turned off and on
        Just when you think you’ve got it
        Gets turned off and gone
        Daddy taught me plenty
        Mama she taught me more
        You better quit your ramblin’
        Be danger at your door
        Goin’ back down south
        If I wear out ninety-nine pair of shoes
        ‘Cause I’m broken-hearted
        And I’ve got those down south blues

        Yes Sir, That's My Baby
        Writer(s): Gus Kahn/Walter Donaldson

        Yes sir, that's my baby
        No sir, I don't mean maybe
        Yes sir, that's my baby now
        Yes, ma'm, we've decided
        No ma'm, we won't hide it

        Yes, ma'm, you're invited now
        By the way, by the way
        When we meet the preacher I'll say
        Yes sir, that's my baby
        No sir, I don't mean maybe
        Yes sir, that's my baby now

        ~From the Broadway show "Blackbirds Of 1928"
        ~(Dorothy Fields / Jimmy McHugh)

        Oh, Zulu man is feeling blue
        Hear his heart beat a little tattoo
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo Doo
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo
        You love me and I love you
        And when you love it is natural to
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo Doo
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo
        I'm so very Diga Diga Doo by nature
        If you don't say Diga Diga to your mate
        You're gonna lose your Poppa
        So, let those funny people smile
        How can there be a Virgin Isle with
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo Doo
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo.
        (Instrumental Break)
        (Scat Singing)
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo Doo
        (More scat)
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo Doo
        (More scat)
        Diga Diga Doo, Diga Doo Doo
        (Transcribed from The Mills Brothers
        recording by Bill Huntley - June 2005)

        Doin' the New Low Down 
        ~Written By Fields & McHugh

        It isn't alcohol no yaller gal at all
        thrills me fills me with the pep I've got
        I've got a pair of feet
        That found a low down beat
        Low down, down around a spot that's hot!
        I've got no peace
        I'm losin' my lease on livin'
        Here's the how?
        I'm tellin' you now to give in!
        Oh, make 'em play that crazy thing again
        I've gotta do that lazy swing again.
        Heigh, ho, doin' the new low down.
        I got my feet to misbehavin' now,
        I got a soul that's not for savin' now.
        Heigh, ho, doin' the new low down.
        That dancin' demon has my feet in a trance,
        'cause while I'm dreamin'
        I go into that dance
        And once you hear the haunting strain to it,
        I'd like to bet you'll go insane to it.
        Heigh, ho, doin' the new low down.

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