Bradley Kincaid
C&W/Folk/Old Time Vocals
b. Garrard County, KY
d. Sept. 23, 1989, Springfield, OH. USA. né: William Bradley Kincaid. Born and raised in the Kentucky hill-country, Bradley acquired a wealth of folk tunes and mountain ballads. He always referred to himself (correctly) as a folksinger. While still attending college (in Chicago), he began to appear regularly on the WLS Barndance (later National Barn Dance) show. 
In 1936 he discovered Lewis Marshall Jones whom he promptly renamed Grandpa Jones. Even though Kincaid stopped actively touring in 1953, he still played folk festivals and recorded occasionally. Interestingly, there was one stretch in 1963 when, over 4 days, he recorded 162 songs. (Bluebonnet Label)

Bradley Kincaid - Wikipedia

Forgotten Artists: Bradley Kincaid (1895-1989)

George Lewis, Clarinet
b. New Orleans, LA
d. Dec. 31, 1968.
This famed old New Orleans clarinetist is one of a long line of Crescent City clarinet legends, and he is still perhaps the most widely imitated. Lewis' life and music parallel those of other second generation jazz pioneers who chose to remain in Louisiana during the 1920s while Armstrong, Joe Oliver, and Jelly Roll Morton, among others, moved on to much wider fame. 
In the late 1950s, Lewis began touring internationally. He also became a regular performer at Hew Orleans' famed Preservation Hall from its opening in 1961. After having been sick for many years, Lewis died on December 31, 1968.
Harry Sosnik
bandleader b. Chicago, IL, USA. Led studio band for the 'Jack Carter Show', and for 'Your Hit Parade'.

American pianist, vocalist and bandleader Harry Sosnik was born on this date in 1906. He worked with, among others, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Mel Tormé. Harry was also Hildegarde's radio musical conductor.

Tim Spencer
d. April 26, 1974
né: Vernon Harold Spencer.
Member of The Sons of The Pioneers (Country and Western Band).
Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams
Leader/saxophone/composer b. Birmingham, Al. USA., d. 2002, USA In 1946, played with Clarence Dorsey. In 1947, made his recording debut with King Porter for Paradise before forming his own band later that year. Saxophonists Noble "Thin Man" Watts and "Wild" Bill Moore, trumpeter Phil Guilbeau, and vocalists Danny Cobb, Jimmy Brown, Joan Shaw, and Connie Allen were among Williams' band members. In 1949, Williams song "The Huckle Buck", based on Charlie Parker's "Now's the Time", was one of the first big hits of the R&B era, as well as the biggest-selling record in the Savoy label's 60-year history, topping the R&B charts for 14 weeks.

In thre 1960s, Williams was a part of the Atlantic Records lanbel' house band and directed the Lloyd Price and James Brown orchestras until 1964. In 1968, he briefly left the music business, opening a booking agency in New York City. Among his other Top 10 hits were "35-30" (1948), and "Walkin' Around" (1949.)
Notable Events Occurring
On This Date Include:

Riley Puckett, guitar
died in East Point, GA, USA.
Age: 52
Ben Keeton, vocals
died in Rochester, NY, USA.

Annie Ophelia, vocals
died in Louisville, KY, USA.

Songs Recorded/Released
On This Date Include:


All Star Trio and their Orchestra
  • Ilo

Ted Lewis and his Band - Second Hand Rose Introducing "I Know"


Bailey's Lucky Seven
  • Mary Dear - Featuring Lillian Robbins
  • 'Neath The South Sea Moon
  • Who'll Take My Place (When I'm Gone)


Art Landry and his Call Of The North Orchestra
  • In A Covered Wagon
  • Poppies


Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra


New Orleans Wanderers

New Orleans Wanderers - Papa Dip

Thomas Morris and his Seven Hot Babies - Charleston Stampede
The Melody Sheiks
New Orleans Bootblacks
Eddie Peabody
  • Baby Face
  • Where'd Ya Get Those Eyes?


Vincent Lopez and His Casa Lopez Orchestra - Blue Grass
  • Lonely Little Bluebird

Clara Smith - Wanna Go Home

Original Memphis Five  - Fireworks
  • I'm More Than Satisfied
  • My Angeline


Baby Face
~Written by: Benny Davis/Harry Akst
~Published by: Warner Brothers Music

I never knew why I loved you so much
Maybe it's the way you look at me when you get up in the morning
I didn't need a shove,
I just fell in love,
With your little baby face
Baby face,
You got the prettiest little baby face
There isn't another one to take your place
Baby face
You got my heart a jumpin'
You sure have started something
Baby face,
I'm up in heaven when I'm in your firm embrace
I didn't need a shove,
I just fell in love
With your pretty little baby face
You got my heart a-jumpin'
You sure have started something
Baby face,
I'm up in heaven when I'm in your firm embrace
I didn't need a shove,
I just fell in love
With your pretty little baby face,
Pretty little baby face,
Pretty little baby face.

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