Phil Spitalny, leader 
(all Girl orchestra)
b: Odessa, Russia d. 1970
Phil Spitalny is one of those popular bandleaders of the 1920's and 1930's whose fame didn't survive him. Born in Russia, he was brought to the United States as a boy, and by the 1920's was fronting his own band. Among his other successful records from the 1920's were "Jackass Blues" and "I Want To Meander In the Meadow," credited to Phil Spitalny's Music.
Spitalny later distinguished himself from virtually all of the competition with a gimmick that worked, leading orchestras made up entirely of women, billed as Phil Spitalny and His All-Girl Orchestra. They were a good outfit, able to play "jazzed" classics and light classical with equal aplomb, and were definitely easy to look at-although curiously enough, they broke through initially in radio, where there was no visual impact, on a program called "The Hour of Charm." (There was one other all-woman orchestra, truly all woman including its leader, that had major national exposure on radio, Ina Ray Hutton & Her Melodears).

Later on, they were signed to Universal Pictures and appeared in features and short subjects that exploited the orchestra's visual appeal. Spitalny found women who were good at their instruments-Mary McClanahan was a top-flight drummer in her time-but who were also very good to look at. In all of its incarnations, the featured member of the orchestra was Evelyn & Her Magic Violin. The virtuoso Evelyn, who was a very flashy and charismatic player, later became Mrs. Spitalny. The rest of the orchestra membership was fairly fluid-there was no shortage of women with musical training, (although McLanahan distinguished herself among all drummers), especially during the war years, and presumably they came and went as better gigs or, even more likely, marriage beckoned.
Alas, the only extant video on which Spitalny and his orchestra can be seen is the Abbott & Costello film Here Come The Coeds (1945), where the orchestra gets a couple of great featured spots. Unfortunately, expecting to be noticed in any movie in which Lou Costello gets knocked on the head and wakes up thinking he's a woman basketball player is a sucker bet, because if the notion of Lou Costello as a basketball player is funny enough, Lou Costello as a female basketball player is downright hysterical, and overshadows a lot else including Spitalny and company, who play some very attractive light Romantic classics.

Spitalny continued to work in music into the 1950's, and retired to Miami, where he died in 1970. The University of Miami offers two academic awards, The Evelyn and Phil Spitnalny Music Achievement Award and The Evelyn and Phil Spitnalny Scholarship, and former members of the orchestra continue to play in the 1990's, most notably in the Venice Symphony Orchestra of Venice, Florida, a semi-professional ensemble.
~ Bruce Eder

Joseph "Joe" Bushkin 
b. New York, NY. USA
d. Nov. 3, 2004, Santa Barbara, CA, USA. (pneumonia).
Age: 87.
First professional job (1935) was playing piano at the 'Famous Door' club on New York's famed 52nd Street. Played with Louis Prima, Bunny Berigan, Joe Marsala, and Muggsy Spanier. During 1936-'39, he often recorded with vocalist Lee Wiley, Eddie Condon, and Sharkey Bonnano. 1940 saw his first solo session recording for Commodore Records. 1940 joined Tommy Dorsey's Orch. While with Tommy, he and John DeVries composed the song "Oh Look At Me Now", which became a huge hit. From Dorsey he entered the U. S. Army (WWII Jan. 1942), where he played Trumpet in Air Force band, then assisted David Rose with the famous Air Force show 'Winged Victory', -and eventually replaced David Rose as the Musical Director.
He saw service in the South Pacific and Japan. After WWII, he joined Benny Goodman's band (Spring 1946). Freelanced during '47, and also toured South America with his own group. On his return, he gave solo concerts and wrote arrangements, -and originals, for various dance bands. In 1949, had acting role in Broadway show "The Rat Race". In 1951 led his own group at club called 'The Embers' in New York City. In 1953, briefly joined Louis Armstrong, then led his own group called Joe Bushkin and His Swinging Strings . In early '50s, he was a popular performer at 'Society' gatherings. He also recorded with actress Tallulah Bankhead, and was heard singing on Radio and TV. Joe went into semi-retirement in late 1950s.

Alois Maxwell "Al" Hirt, Trumpet/Leader 
d. April 27, 1999, New Orleans, LA, USA. Age 76
Among the men with whom Al worked are:
Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey; Ray McKinley,
Horace Heidt and Billy May

Bix Beiderbecke & Red Ingle.


Red Ingle, vocals/comic/saxes/clarinet/leader 

b: Toledo, OH, USA.
d: 1965, Santa Barbara, CA, USA. CA,
né: Ernest Jansen.
Red worked with such musical greats as Bix Biederbecke, and Gene Goldkette; Paul Mertz; The Dorsey Brothers; Ted Weems 1931-1941; Spike Jones 1943-1946
Best known for his work with Spike Jones and his own Natural Seven sides for Capitol, Red Ingle was a true multi-talent. A fine musician, a great comedic singer and gag writer, a human sound-effects machine, an excellent cartoonist and caricaturist, and consummate arranger, Ingle truly lived up to the oft-bandied-about description,'he can do it all.'
Ernie Newton
C&W Acoustic Bass 
b. Hartford, CT, USA.
Did you know that in 1937, guitarist Les Paul first recorded with a trio consisting of Les on guitar, bassist Ernie Newton and rhythm guitarist Jim Atkins (the older half-brother of Chet Atkins, with whom (in 1995) Paul would cut the album 'Chester and Lester'). (Note: Originally, Les Paul had a country-music act working in Chicago, IL, billing himself as "Rhubarb Red". Les played harmonica and guitar, and recited "rube" humor. By the early 1930s, Les was earning $1000 a week. But,.. Chicago is a 'bustling' town with much music to hear and to play. Les once said 'In the morning I was hillbilly, and at night I was playing Jazz with Roy Eldridge, Coleman Hawkins, Nat Cole and Art Tatum.' In 1936, Paul cut his first record, backing blues singer-pianist Georgia White as she belted out Andy Razaf's raunchy "If I can't sell it, I'll keep sittin' on it, before I give it away." The next year, he formed a C&W trio with Newton and Atkins.

Notable Events Occurring
On This Date Include:

Florence Mills
dancer and singer
died in New York City. Age: 32
Florence Mills
Gus Edwards
died in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Age: 66

Una Mae Carlisle, piano
died in New York, NY, USA.
Age: 40.

Alvin Pleasant Delaney "A.P." Carter
(The Carter Family)
died in Kingsport, TN, USA.
Age: 69.

Black Ace, guitar
died in Fort Worth, TX, USA.
Age: 66.

Charles Holland, vocals
died in Amsterdam, Holland.
Age: 77.

Duke Groner, bass
died in Chicago, IL, USA.

Theodore Thomas, tenor sax
died in Hartford, CT, USA.
Age: 84.

Adelaide Hall, vocals
died in London, UK.
Age: 92.

Songs Recorded/Released
On This Date Include:


Benson Orchestra of Chicago Oklahoma Indian Jazz


Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra - Shanghai Shuffle

The California Ramblers - Back Where The Daffodils Grow



    Irving Mills' Hotsy-Totsy Gang - Manhattan Rag
    Irving Mills' Hotsy-Totsy Gang My Little Honey And Me
    • What Kind Of Man Is You?

    McKinney's Cotton Pickers
    McKinney's Cotton Pickers - Peggy
    • Where Ever There's A Will Baby

    Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds Of Joy

    Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds Of Joy - Blue Clarinet Stomp

    Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds Of Joy - Cloudy - Mess-A-Stomp


    Memphis Jug Band
    Boodie Bum Bum
    Take Your Finger Off It

    The Travelers
    Can This Be Love?
    Fine And Dandy
    I Can Make Most Anything, But I Can't Make A Man


      Fats Waller and his Rhythm

      Honeysuckle Rose
      ~Fats Waller

      Every honey bee fills with jealousy
      When they see you out with me
      I don't blame them
      Goodness knows
      Honeysuckle rose

      When you're passin' by,

      Flowers droop and sigh

      I know the reason why
      You're much sweeter
      Goodness knows
      Honeysuckle rose

      Well, don't buy sugar
      You just have to touch my cup
      You're my sugar
      And it's oh so sweet when you stir it up

      When I'm takin' sips
      From your tasty lips
      Seems the honey fairly drips
      You're confection
      Goodness knows
      Honeysuckle rose

      Well, don't buy sugar
      You just have to touch my cup
      You're my sugar
      And it's oh so sweet when you stir it up
      When I'm takin' sips
      From your tasty lips
      Seems the honey fairly drips
      You're confection
      Goodness knows
      Honeysuckle rose

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