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Clarence Tom Ashley
(Traditional Bluegrass) Vocals/Banjo
b. Bristol, TN, USA. d. June 2, 1967.
né: Clarence Earl McCurry.
Member: 'Carolina Tar Heels'
A medicine show performer in the 1910s and 1920s, Clarence (Tom) Ashley influenced the urban folk revival when his early recordings were included on the Folkways album Anthology of American Folk Music in 1952. Although he had retired from the medicine show circuit in 1943, he made a successful comeback in the early '60s when he recorded a pair of albums that introduced influential flatpicking guitarist Arthel "Doc" Watson.
Ashley, who took his last name from the maternal grandfather who raised him, was inspired by the jokes and songs that he heard played by transients who boarded in his family home. His mother's two older sister taught him songs and instructed him on the banjo. Joining his first medicine show in 1913, Ashley traveled by horse and buggy through the southern Appalachian region, playing songs while "the doc" sold his elixirs. In 1914, he married Hettie Osborne and settled in Shouns, TN.
Although he supplemented his income as a musician by farming and working at a sawmill, Ashley continued to perform. By 1927, Ashley was performing with numerous string bands, including the Blue Ridge Entertainers. He recorded as a member of Byrd Moore & His Hot Shots and the Carolina Tar Heels. His solo debut came in 1929 when he recorded "The Cuckoo Bird" and "The House Carpenter" for Columbia. Signed to a solo contract by both Columbia (as Clarence Ashley) and Victor (as Tom Ashley), he recorded for both labels until 1933.
Retiring from the medicine shows in 1943, Ashley bought a truck and, with his son J.D., hauled coal, furniture, and lumber. His performances were limited to working as a comedian with Charlie Monroe's Kentucky Partners and the Stanley Brothers.
While his songs were revived by string band instrumentalists in the 1950s, Ashley disappeared almost completely from the music scene. Attending the Union Grove Old Time Fiddlers Convention in 1960, he met folklorist Ralph Rinzler, who, with folk song collector Eugene Earle, set up a recording session at Ashley's daughter's home in Saltville, VA. Ashley invited Watson to accompany him on guitar. The session marked the acoustic guitar debut for Watson, who had previously played electric guitar in rockabilly and country bands. Beginning in 1961, Ashley and Watson, joined by fiddler Fred Price, performed at northern folk festivals, coffeehouses, and clubs. Their concert at New York'sTown Hall was recorded and released as their second album. Ashley recorded an additional album with fiddler Tex Isley.
~ Craig Harris Sampler

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Gene Autry composer/vocals/actor
b. Tioga Springs, TX, USA.
d. Oct. 2, 1998, LA, CA, USA. 
(lymphoma Age: 91). 
né: Orvon Gene Autry. 
While still a youngster, his family moved to a ranch in Oklahoma where Gene learned to play the guitar and to sing. He was educated at Ravia (Oklahoma) High School, after which he first worked as a telegrapher for the Frisco Railroad. Autry made his first recording in 1929. It was Cowboy-humorist Will Rogers who, during a chance encounter, encouraged Autry to pursue his dream of singing professionally, During the next several years, he performed as 'Oklahoma's Yodeling Cowboy' on a Tulsa, Oklahoma radio program.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAfter a stint as star of the 'National Barn Dance' radio show, emanating from Chicago, IL, he signed a recording contract with the Sears-Roebuck department store to record for their own label. The store also marketed a "Gene Autry guitar" through its famous catalog. However, it was the Hollywood studios that brought Autry lasting fame making him became America's favorite singing cowboy.
His first movie, 'In Old Santa Fe', was followed by nearly 100 other films. In World War he was a flight officer for the United States Army Air Force. After the war, he became a successful business man when he purchased California Angels baseball team. He joined ASCAP in 1939, and his compositions include: "Here Comes Santa Claus"; "Be Honest With Me"; "Tears on My Pillow"; "Dixie Cannonball"; "Good Old-Fashioned Hoedown"; "You're the Only Star in My Blue Heaven"; and "I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine". He was perhaps the greatest singing cowboy of all time. He died at the age of 91.

Louise Dinning
b. Grant County, Oklahoma, USA.
Member group: Dinning Sisters (Louise, Ginger,and Jean).
At one time, 'The Dinning Sisters' were known as 'The Blondettes'. Interestingly, their younger brother, Mark, (b. Aug. 17, 1933, d. Mar. 22, 1986) had a big single release with the song "Teen Angel" that had been written by his sister Jean Dinning.
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Tillman Franks C&W songwriter/manager Louisiana Hayride
b. Stamps, AR, USA.
Tillman Franks - Wikipedia

Robert "Bob" Loewy
b. Chicago, IL, USA.
d. Oct. 2, 2003, Evanston, IN, USA.
It is not often recalled, but Loewy, led his own group, "The Three Talents". He was a fine arranger who wrote for both the Al Morgan group (Al Morgan, Bass, b. Aug 19, 1908, New Orleans, LA, USA, d. April 14, 1974, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Age: 65 (one of the great early New Orleans Jazzmen), and for The Fletcher Henderson Band.

Loonis Reeves McGlohon
pianist/songwriter b. Ayden, NC, USA
d. Jan. 26, 2002, Charlotte, NC, USA. (Age: 80, after an 8 year battle with Lymphoma) Perhaps best recalled for co-hosting, with songwriter Alec Wilder, the radio program "American Popular Song". Some of the stars with whom he worked include Marlene VerPlanck, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Eileen Farrell, and Judy Garland. He co-composed such songs as "Blackberry Winter" and "Be A Child".
Loonis McGlohon: 1921-2002

Cecil Norman, piano
b. USA. d. Dec. 31, 1988
(some sources claim d. 1989).
This fine pianist had actually led a band in Connecticut, USA, in 1928, but was to find his greatest fame working in Great Britain.

In 1930, Ray Noble took over leadership of 'The New Mayfair Orchestra' (the HMV studios a "house" orchestra), when Carroll Gibbons, accepted a contract from MGM which took him to America (land of his birth) In 1933, Cecil Norman replaced pianist Harry Jacobson in the band.
CAUTION: Do not confuse with the American Black (gospel) vocalist Cecil Norman, who has sung with "Arnold Moore and Aged In Harmony" (1977).

Dennis Sandole
guitar/composer b. Philadelphia, PA, USA.
d. 2000. Self Taught.
Worked with Ray McKinley, T.Dorsey, Ch. Barnet, Boyd Raeburn and Gene Krupa -all during the 1940s.

Notable Events Occurring
On This Date Include:

"Bad" Ann Cook, vocals
died in New Orleans, LA, USA.
Age: 59.
Ann Cook - He's The Sweetest Black Man In Town (1927)


Clarence Hall, sax
died in New Orleans, LA, USA.
Age: 66.
Worked with "Fats" Domino.

Billie Pierce, piano
died in New Orleans, LA, USA.
Age: 67.

Seger Ellis
died in Houston, TX, USA.
Age: 91.

Songs Recorded/Released
On This Date Include:

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Billy Murray - Oh You Beautiful Doll

Peerless Quartet
  • Don't Blame Me for Loving You



Lyric Quartet
  • Sweet and Low


Deiro Pietro's Band
  • Goodbye Broadway, Hello France
  • We're Going Over medley


Benson Orchestra of Chicago


Edith Wilson and Johnny Dunn's Jazz Hounds (Perry Bradford)
  • Evil Blues
  • Pensacola Blues

Ted Lewis and his Band - Lovin' Sam (The Sheik Of Alabam')


Sara Martin and Clarence Williams Blue Five
  • Eagle Rock Me, Papa
  • Things Done Got Too Thick

Rosa Henderson
  • Basement Blues
  • Deep River Blues

Benson Orchestra of Chicago
  • Some Other Day, Some Other Girl
  • Words

Marion Harris

Nick Lucas - Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue?

Francis Craig and his Orchestra

Venuti and Lang - Stringing The Blues

Venuti and Lang Black And Blue Bottom

  • Narrow Escape

Ethel Waters - Jersey Walk


The Broadway Bell-Hops There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland

Walter Anderson and his Golden Pheasant Hoodlums
  • Sugar Foot Strut


Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
  • Out Of The Dawn

Dorsey's Hot Five
  • Waiting For You Blues
  • Weeping Blues

The Big Aces - Cherry


Dan Russo's Oriole Orchestra
  • Wave The Flag of Old Chicago

Regent Club Orchestra
  • Please Come Back to Me


Tom Clines and his Music
  • Why Have You Forgotten Waikiki?
  • What's the use of Living Without Love?

Carter's Orchestra
  • Red River Valley
  • When The Bloom Is On The Sage


Don Bestor and his Orchestra - Along Came Love
  • Long About Sundown
  • My Darling - Vocal Refrain by Neil Buckley

Ethel Merman - How Deep In The Ocean
  • I've Got A Right to Sing The Blues
  • I'll follow you



Josèphine Baker et les Comedian Harmonists
Espabilate - from the film "La Virgen Morena"

Josephine Baker - Sous le Ciel d' Afrique - from the film "Princess Tam Tam"


    Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys - Steel Guitar Rag

    Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra - A Fine Romance


    Guy Lombardo Royal Canadians
    • I See Your Face Before Me

    Eddie South and his Orchestra


    Jan Garber and his Orchestra
    • You Look Good To Me


    Ray Noble and his Orchestra
    • Iroquois
    • Comanche War Dance

    Paul Robeson


    Kay Kyser and his Orchestra
    • The Bad Humor Man
    • Popocatepetl
    • Humpty Dumpty Heart


    Barney Bigard and his Orchestra
    Leo Reisman and his Orchestra
    • I Wish I Had a Sweetheart


    Duke Ellington's Orchestra
    • Golden Cross
    • Wildest Gal in Town /with Woody Herman.
    • Put Yourself in My Place Baby


    ~Arthur Johnston / Sonny Burke

    When we're in a friendly situation
    My conversation may not be smart
    But if we're to have a perfect understanding
    Let's call a heart a heart
    There are words that should be whispered gently
    That's evidently the way to start
    If I tell you what my dreams have been demanding
    Let's call a heart a heart
    Can I prove how I yearn
    Just by the turn of a phrase
    Can I keep my control
    When all my soul is aflame
    Maybe we'd call a true confession
    And in discretion on someone's part
    But if I'm to say how madly I adore you
    Let's call a heart a heart

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