Jane Green Sheet Music: Composed by Cliff Friend


"Blind Johnny" Brown guitar/harmonica
b. Montgomery, AL, USA.

Joe "from Bowling Green" Dean, piano
b. St. Louis, MO, USA.

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Edna Fischer, piano
b: Oakland (?), CA, USA
d: Nov. 2, 1997.
This child prodigy was playing the piano before she was old enough to even attend school. After graduating from Berkeley High School she toured with the show, "Topsy and Eva" starring the Duncan Sisters. Her friendship with the Duncan sisters would last a lifetime, even collaborating with them on several of her own compositions. While still in her teens, she performed at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. At a very early age, she was first heard on radio station KRE.
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In 1926, after recuperating from a multiple fracture of her right wrist (due to a auto accident), she became a regular on Radio Station KFRC and was heard on the "Happy Go Lucky Hour", and the "Blue Monday Jamboree," where she co-starred with Morey Amsterdam (Cellist/Actor) and Tommy Harris (Vocs). (Here's a photo of Tommy Harris, a singer who later had his own club Tommy's Place, where he led his own small group with Ernie Filice on accordion, Jimmy Davis on guitar, Lyle Daniels on violin, Truman Johnson on Bass, and Tommy on vocals. Harris was just age 14 when he was heard singing on Station KFRC. He and Joaquin Garay were the regulars on the station's show called Feminine Fancies.) In 1928, Fischer married Milton C. Hayes, then a purser for Oceanic Lines steamship company, and later general manager of the Press Club of San Francisco. (Hayes passed away in 1981.)
After her days at station KFRC, she went on to play on a great many radio shows including one of her own. In the late 1930s, her radio program "Stars in the Making" (heard on NBC's station KPO) showcased San Francisco's budding musical talents. (She would reprise the show in 1983.) For the next 2 decades, Fischer was heard on NBC and KPO, -often on the Signal Oil Company's show Carefree Carnival, co-starring Meredith Wilson and Tommy Harris (with whom she had worked at station KFRC.)
In addition to playing the piano, Fischer also composed several tunes including 1929's, "Someday Soon" with lyrics by the Duncan Sisters (Columbia label: Anson Weeks and his Orchestra). In 1930, She and Anson Weeks co-composed the tune "Sorry", with the lyric again by the Duncan Sisters (Vivian and Rosetta ). Among the other tunes she composed are "Bored To Tears", (Edna Fischer), "Dream in My Heart", (Edna Fischer), "Driftwood", lyric by Al Garman and Vick Knight, "God Had His Arm Around Me" with Al Garman lyric, and "That Man In My Life", (Edna Fischer). She also composed the 1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exposition Theme Song, "There's Lots of Fun Over on Treasure Island".
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In 1942, Decca Records recorded Bing Crosby singing her composition "My Great, Great Grandfather". During WWII, she entertained at various Service Camps, Bond Rallies, and such. With the advent of television in the late 40s and early 1950s, Fischer became music director of KPIX-TV, where, she worked with bandleader Del Courtney's Orch., among others. By the mid-'50s, her career tapered off and she was mostly inactive. But in 1983, two years after her husband's demise, Fischer again appeared in a new edition of "Stars in the Making", this time on San Francisco's National PublicRadio station KALW-FM. In 1997, she died in her sleep, age 95.

Edna Fischer (1902-1997) - San Francisco's First Lady of Radio

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Cliff Friend,  composer/piano 
b. Cincinnati, OH, USA. 
d. June 27, 1974, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Overview Cliff Friend, a successful songwriter, was most active from the early 1920's through the mid-1950's. Friend and Lyricist Dave Franklyn were real 'Tin Pan Alley' men...a now extinct breed. They wrote their songs 'to order' for vaudevillians, radio and recording artists, dance bands, and also under 'quota contracts' for music publishers. From their office (in the Tin Pan Alley area), they would make daily rounds demonstrating and playing their wares to entertainers in their dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, hotel rooms and even in 'Steam Rooms'. But their biggest hit was uy Lombardo. Among the scores they composed for the Lombardo orchestra were "The Anniversary Waltz", "Time Waits For No One". "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down", "Trade Winds", and When My Dream Boat Comes In".
Cliff came from a musical family; one of pioneer stock, one of Ohio's first families. His father was the first violinist with the Woods Theater orchestra. Educated at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, his ambition was to become a concert pianist but a three year long bout with Tuberculosis somewhat dashed these hopes. Cliff met another Cincinnatian, Harry Richmond - later to become a nationally famous nightclub singer - and together they played the Ohio vaudeville houses.
The pair eventually wound up in Los Angeles where they met and joined Buddy De Sylva, who was then strumming a ukelele in a pseudo-Hawaiian band at Baron Long's roadhouse. While in California, Friend and Richmond met Al Jolson who encouraged them to leave for New York, where the team starved for two years; occasionally living off Jolson's bounty. Jolson, then playing in the musical 'Bombo' was helpful in getting some of Friend's songs placed in the show.
Jolson also helped Friend place some songs in 'The Passing Show' and some Winter Garden (theater) productions. (Friends first "hit" was "You Tell Her - I Stutter", recorded in 1922. Among his best known hits, are: 1923 "You Tell Her, I Stutter", A big hit for the 'Happiness Boys', Ernie Hare and Billy Jones. 1924 "June Night", collaboration with Abel Baer. 1925 "Then I'll Be Happy," 1926 "(Oh) If I Only Had You", Gus Kahn Lyric 1927 "A Night In June (Beneath the Moon)" 1928 "My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now", Irving Caesar lyric. 1928 "It Goes Like This", Iving Caesar lyric. Eddie Cantor rec. 1928 "You're A Real Sweetheart", Irving Caesar lyric. 1929 "Bashful Baby", collaborated with composer Abner Silver. 1931 "I Want To Sing About You", collaboration with Dave Dreyer 1931 "It's Great To Be In Love", in Earl Carroll Vanities of 1931 1932 "Let's Have a Party" 1934 "The Sweetest Music This Side Of Heaven", Collab. w. Carmen Lombardo 1936 "When My Dream Boat Comes Home" 193? "You've Got Me In The Palm of Your Hand", written with James Monaco and Edgar Leslie. 1936 "Out Where The Blue Begins" 1937 "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down".

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket1890
Stanley Holloway
b: Great Britain
(October 1 ,1890 -January 30, 1982 ) was a British actor and entertainer famous for his comic and character roles on stage and screen. He was also renowned for his recordings of comic monologues.
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Santiago "Don" Jimenez, accordion
b. San Antonio, TX, USA.
d. December 18,1984 San Antonio, TX. USA.

Irwin Kostal, Leader
b. Chicago, IL, USA.
Best recalled as bandleader on the 'Garry Moore' show. (USA).

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Harry Lookofsky, violin/viola
b. Paducah, KY, USA.
d. June 8, 1998, York, PA, USA.
85 yrs old. 
Harry Lookofsky - Wikipedia

Sherwood Mangiapane bass/sousaphone
b. New Orleans, LA, USA.
Worked w. Blue Parody Orch; Johnny Wiggs; Papa Laine, and Service Band in England 1944.

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"Skeets" McDonald
C&W vocals/guitar.
b. Greenway, AR, USA.
né: Enos William McDonald.

Johnny Meyer, Accordion
b. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Max Morath, pianist/vocals
b. Colorado Springs, CO, USA.
Best known for playing the early 'Rags'.
Max Morath is an American ragtime pianist, composer, actor and author. He is best known for his piano playing, and is referred to as "Mr. Ragtime". He has been a devoted and prolific performer, writing several plays and productions, as well as being variously a recording artist, actor and radio and television presenter. Rudi Blesh billed Morath as a "one-man ragtime army".
Max Morath - Wikipedia
Jessie Mae Robinson songwriter
b. Call, TX, USA.

Terry Shand Sheet Music
Terry Shand, composer
b. Uvalde, TX, d. Nov. 11, 1977.
d. 11/11/1977
Piano-vocalist with Freddie Martin 1933-8, later bandleader. Good pianist and personable singer-entertainer. Successful composer and lyricist of popular songs; chief collaborators Jimmy Eaton and Bob Merrill. Songs include My Extraordinary Gal (1931); I Double Dare You (1937); Cry, Baby Cry (1938); Why Doesn't Somebody Tell Me These Things?

Wesley "Kid Sox" Wilson, vocal/piano/organ
b. Dec 31, 1969, Jacksonville, FL, USA.
d. Oct 10, 1958, Cape May Court House, NJ, USA.
Leola B. Pettigrew, a classic blues singer and guitarist from Alabama became Leola Wilson following her marraige to her performing partner Wesley Wilson. Ironically, the pair were born in the same year, met and began performing together in 1905 and were wed seven years later. They performed in vaudeville, travelling shows, musical comedies, and revues. You may not recognize the name Wesley Wilson. Perhaps you know him by some of his other performing names which include Catjuice Charlie, Pigmeat Pete, Kid Wilson, Jenkins, Socks, and either Sox Wilson or Socks Wilson. His wife Leola was better known as Coot Grant, and while the pair sometimes appeared as 'Grant and Wilson', many other names were placed on their marquees and on their record labels, including 'Hunter And Jenkins' and 'Kid and Coot'.
The pair both appeared and recorded with such Jazz artists as Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson, and Mezz Mezzrow. In 1933, they appeared in the film Emperor Jones starring singer Paul Robeson. Along the way, the husband and wife team composed well over 500 songs, including "Gimme A Pigfoot and A Bottle of Wine" that was made famous by Bessie Smith's recording. Grant, on her own, also recorded some Blues, and in 1926 collaborated with guitarist "Blind" Blake. In the mid-1930s, with the world-wide depression at it's peak, their careers faltered. In the mid-1940s, Mezz Mezzrow hired them to perform and write material for his new King Jazz label. In 1958, Wesley retired, but Leola continued to perform. She eventually dropped from sight, 
and regretfully no details are known about her death.
Wesley Wilson

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Henry Clay Work, Composer
b: Middletown, CT, USA
d. June 8, 1884, Hartford, CT, USA.

Notable Events Occurring
On This Date Include:

The Julliard School of Music was founded in New York City.

"Slim" Newman, member of "The Georgia Crackers" died.

Lee Rogers, vocals
died in Memphis, TN, USA.

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Scott Dunbar, guitar
died in Centreville, MS, USA.
Age: 90.

Songs Recorded/Released
On This Date Include:


Arthur Collins


158th U.S. Infantry Band


Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra
  • Happy
  • Yellow Dog Blues (Introducing: "Hooking Cow Blues") - Featuring Harry Raderman and his Laughing Trombone

Ted Lewis and his Band - Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me)
  • Wond'ring


    Isham Jones and His Rainbo Orchestra - I Love You Sunday

      Art Hickman and his Orchestra

      Marion Harris - I'm A Jazz Vampire


      Isham Jones and his Orchestra
      • Ma
      • My Sunny Tennessee
      • Stars
      Isham Jones and his Orchestra - Wabash Blues
      • What'll You Do?
      • Why, Dear?

        Harry Reser
        • Bimini Bay - (w/ Rega Dance Orchestra)
        • Everybody Step


        Clara Smith


        Lee Morse -Mail Man Blues

        Lee Morse - Lee's Lullaby

        Original Memphis Five - "How Come You Do Me Like You Do" -Austin-Bergere tune


        International Novelty Orchestra
        • "What Do We Care if it's One O'clock"

        Isham Jones and his Orchestra - "Remember" ~Irv. Berlin tune

        Laura Smith - Face To Face
        • Take Me Home, Heavenly Father, With Thee

          Warner's Seven Aces - Breakin' The Leg
          • Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Doo

          Isham Jones and his Orchestra - Headin' For Home


          Original Indiana Five
          Goldkette's Book-Cadillac Orchestra - I'd Love To Call You Sweatheart - With Jessie Crawford on the Wurlitzer Organ - Owen A. Barlett, Director
          • Kentucky Lullaby - With Jessie Crawford on the Wurlitzer Organ - Owen A. Barlett, Director

          • June Rose
          • That Night In Araby


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          Whispering Jack Smith - "My Blue Heaven"

          Duke Ellington & his Orchestra - 
          Hot And Bothered

          Ben Pollack and His Park Central Orchestra
          • Forever

          Cliquot Club Eskimos (Reser Orch) Avalon Town - (Tom Stacks vocal)

          Paul Warmack's Gully Jumpers

          Duke Ellington - Black Beauty

          Duke Ellington Swampy River


          Cannon Jug Stompers - Going To Germany

            Bob Effros & his Orchestra - "Sweet and Hot" --M.Mosiello-F.Signorelli tune

            Bessie Smith - Dirty No-Gooder's Blues
            Bessie Smith - Wasted Life Blues

            Victoria Spivey Dirty T.B. Blues
            Victoria Spivey - "Moaning the Blues" - Victoria Spivey-Acuff Rose tune

            Lloyd Huntley and his Orchestra
            • "Lonely"
            • "Wond'ring" -Sherman; Lewis tune

            Jacques Renard and his Orchestra

            Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra


            Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra


            Bud Billings
            • "On a Little Street Where Old Friends Meet" (Frank Luther)


            Ted Lewis and his Band - Happiness Ahead


            Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton

            Duke Ellington (piano)


            Dirty No-gooder's Blues

            Bessie Smith

            Did you ever fall in love with a man that was no good?
            Did you ever fall in love with a man that was no good?
            No matter what you did for him, he never understood
            The meanest thing he could say would thrill you through and through
            The meanest thing he could say would thrill you through and through
            And there wasn't nothin' too dirty for that man to do
            He'd treat you nice and kind till he win your heart and hand
            He'd treat you nice and kind till he win your heart and hand
            Then he git so cruel that man, you just could not stand
            Lawd, I really don't think no man's love can last
            Lawd, I don't think no man's love can last
            They'll love you to death then treat you like a thing of the past
            There's nineteen men livin' in my neighborhood
            There's nineteen men livin' in my neighborhood
            Eighteen of them are fools and the one ain't no doggone good
            Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, Lawd
            Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, Lawd, Lawd
            That dirty no-good man treats me just like I'm a dog

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