Ann Dupont
b. Universal, PA, USA [ Ann Dupont and Her 12 Men of Music ] b. Jan. 2, 1915, Universal, PA Instrument: Clarinet Ann Dupont was born Ann Bata in Universal, Pa. Her parents were Alexander and Rosalie Bata. The family moved to Florida shortly after she was born. She studied both violin and clarinet, but I don't know where. From 1930 to 1940, she had her own band and was often referred to as the female Artie Shaw. She met her husband, George Maki, when he was lieutenant in the Navy, and she and her band were playing in Cape May, N.J. They were married on April 28, 1945, and eventually moved to Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Aunt Ann was a member of both the local musician's union and New York's famed American Federation of Musicians Union Local 802. Throughout the years, Ann played locally at various benefits, but she was quite a lady in other ways, too. She literally built two homes with her own hands and was a successful real estate salesperson. from
Edith North Johnson, vocals/piano
b. St. Louis, MO, USA. Biography ~by Steve Leggett The wife of record producer Jesse Johnson , Edith North Johnson was not a professional singer or piano player, but she tracked 18 great blues sides in 1928 and 1929, including a session with Charley Patton in Grafton, WI, for Paramount Records, although it is doubtful Patton actually appeared on any of her songs. She made her home in St. Louis, where she ran a fleet of taxis during World War II and owned a popular diner. Sam Charters recorded her with Henry Brown in 1961 for his anthology called The Blues in St. Louis for Folkways Records. Johnson also recorded under the pseudonyms Hattie North and Maybelle Allen. Born January 2, 1903, in St. Louis, she died there on February 28, 1988.
~ Steve Leggett MORE
Notable Events
On this date include:
Freddy Martin formed a new band for his
engagement at New York's Roosevelt Grill.
Martin became one of the big names during
the 'Big Band Era'. Merv Griffin later became
Martin's vocalist.
Dick Powell
died in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Age: 58.
Dick Powell: Information from
"Speckled Red"
died in St. Louis, MO, USA.
Bud Green, songwriter
died in Yonkers, NY, USA.
Age: 84.
Perhaps his best recalled song:
"Flat Foot Floogie' (With a Floy Floy)" Bud Green - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Songs Recorded/Released
On this date include: 1922
Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra
“Crinoline Days”, (Irving Berlin) “Pack Up Your Sins”, (from "Music Box Revue), (Irving Berlin) 1923
Isham Jones and his Orchestra
“Baby Blue Eyes”, (Hirsh / Jessel / Greer) “Dearest”, (Davis / Akst) 1924
Waring's Pennsylvanians
“Holding Hands”, (Simon / Berg / Dulmage)
Virginia Liston
“Just Take One Long Last Look”, (Milt Hagen / Henry Welling / Charles O'Flynn) “You Can Have It (I Don't Want It)”, (A.J. Piron /Clarence Williams / May Hill) 1927
Original Indiana Five
“Coffee Pot Blues”, (Original Indiana Five) - “The Crawl”, (Original Indiana Five)
"Crinoline Days" ~IRVING BERLIN Back to the olden Days that were golden Memory often strays Before anyone could gaze At Molly's and May's Little ankle displays Time with its changes Often arranges Styles that become the craze But I am yearning To be returning Back to those crinoline days In those dear old crinoline days Old fashioned people with their old fashioned ways When the girl a fellow courted Was the girl he married and supported Back in eighteen seventy-four Rosy complexions weren't bought in a store Granny and grand-daddy longingly gaze Back to those crinoline days TubaGirlFin brought to you by... ~confetta
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