Chet Baker
Trumpet/Vocal b. Yale, OK, USA
d. May 13, 1988, Amsterdam, Netherlands né: Chesney Henry Baker.
Although Chet Baker is from a later period than the focus of this blog -
I had to include him. I couldn't resist. I hope you will watch the videos
and follow the links to learn more about him. He was Extraordinary. ~c
After playing in army bands he attracted attention during engagements with Charlie Parker and Gerry Mulligan in 1952 and 1953. His subdued tone and gentle phrasing made him the epitome of the cool jazz (see bebop) of the 1950s.
With recordings such as "My Funny Valentine" he established his plaintive, fragile approach as a vocalist, which mirrored his trumpet style. Much of his later career, interrupted several times by legal problems stemming from drug addiction, was spent in Europe.
Eddie Finckel
b. Washington, DC, USA
d. May 12, 2001.
As a youngster, he picked up the piano by listening to Teddy Wilson and Art Tatum solos, and by picking out his own compositions. In the 1940s, he worked as staff arranger for the Boyd Raeburn, Les Brown, and Gene Krupa bands. His composing skills became evident while working with drummer Buddy Rich, who was recorded playing such tunes as "Gypsy Mood," "Leave Us Leap," and "Starburst." In the 1950s, Finckel became the musical director of an art-based private school in Short Hills, NJ, holding the position for 40 years, until his passing at the age of 83. Eddie Finckel: Information from
Freddy Gardner
Saxes/Clarinet b. Kilburn, London, England, UK
d. July 26, 1950 Born in London in 1910, Freddy Gardner was one of England's most popular saxophonists during the 1930s and '40s. He developed his technique by working in bands led by Syd Lipton, Billy Bissett, and Bert Firman. A skilled clarinetist, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophonist, Gardner stayed busy as a sessionman throughout his all-too-brief career and may be heard on numerous recordings by the Four Stars, the Six Swingers, Jay Wilbur, Benny Carter, Teddy Foster, Valaida Snow, Ray Noble, Ike "Yowse Suh" Hatch, Mario "Harp" Lorenzi, and the internationally famous team of pianist Buck Washington and singing tap dancer John "Bubbles" Sublett.
A marvelous improviser comparable with Rudy Powell, Benny Carter, Alix Combelle, Russell Procope, Ken Mackintosh, or Willie Smith, Gardner performed regularly over the radio and from 1936 through 1939 recorded with his own small groups or his Swing Orchestra, a larger ensemble that included in its ranks trombonist and future bandleader Ted Heath. After serving in the Second World War he was featured as a soloist with Peter Yorke & His Concert Orchestra, and most certainly would have prospered as a name artist during the LP era had not fate intervened. Tragically felled by a stroke in 1950, Gardner passed away at the age of 49 on July 26, 1950. Originally released on the Interstate, Parlophone, and Rex labels, many of his recordings have now been pulled up out of the mothballs and reissued on compact disc.
~ arwulf arwulf
1888 Mike Jackson piano/vocals b. Louisville, KY, USA, d. 1945
Keyboardist and bandleader Mike Jackson proved with his memorable 1994 Revenge of Mister Mopoji that he was no typical background session man from the smooth soul days of the O'Jays. Jackson has continued to relate to newer scenes in soul right into the hip-hop era, inviting comparisons with another keyboardist with which he shares a surname, Brian Jackson.
The pianist who led his own Mike Jackson and the Soul Providers should not, on the other hand that strokes the keyboard, be confused with an earlier Mike Jackson from the classic blues days who likewise worked steadily on recording sessions as a piano accompanist as well as leading his own groups.
~ Eugene Chadbourne
"Sonny Boy" Nelson, guitar b. Utica, MS, USA.
né: Eugene Powell Eugene Powell
Franz Waxman b. Konigshutte, Upper Silesia, Germany (now: Chorzow, Poland)
d. Feb, 24, 1967, Los Angeles, CA, USA. (cancer)
né: Franz Wachsmann. a.k.a. Franz Wachsmann
American composer and conductor. He studied in Berlin and played in cafés and a jazz orchestra; he was involved in supplying music for films but left in 1933, going to Paris and then to the USA. He worked at MGM and Warner Bros and wrote scores for over 140 films, and was also active as a conductor. Among the films for which he supplied music are Sunset Boulevard (1950), Peyton Place and The Spirit of St Louis (both1957); he also wrote two choral works (1959, 1965) of Jewish inspiration.
Notable Events On this date include:
President Warren G. Harding's Innaugural
Address over NBC-dominated radio c. 1929
1928. The National Broadcasting Company established a permanent coast-to-coast radio network. Only two years earlier, the General Electric, and Westinghouse corporations had formed a company called 'Radio Corporation of America' ('RCA') with David Sarnoff as its chief executive. The NBC Network was one of the RCA subsidiaries.
1938. The 'Spirituals to Swing' concert was presented at New York's famed Carnegie Hall by music impresario John Hammond. Pianists Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons, and Pete Johnson, vocalist Joe Turner, clarintetist Sidney Bechet, the Count Basie Orchestra, and blue singer Big Bill Broonzy, and gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe, all appeared. THe show was credited with starting the "Boogie Woogie" craze. From Spirituals to Swing - Wikipedia
1940. Billy Hill, songwriter died in Boston, MA, USA. Age: 41 Songwriters Hall of Fame - Billy Hill Exhibit Home
1964. Jennie Mae Clayton, vocals died in Memphis, TN, USA. Age: 70. Sang with the "Memphis Jug Band" Songs Recorded/Released On this date include: 1921
Ray Miller's Black And White Melody Boys
The Tennessee Tooters
Ted Lewis and his Band “I Like You Best Of All” - (Little / Sizemore / Shay)
Ted Weems and his Orchestra “Blue-Eyed Sally” - (Al Bernard / Russell Robinson) 1926
Phil Napoleon
Phil Napoleon and his Orchestra
“Go, Joe, Go” - (Steve Kretzmer / Phil Napoleon /Frank Signorelli ) 1927
The Broadway Bell-Hops
Harry Reser and his Orchestra “I Scream - You Scream - We All Scream For Ice Cream” - (Tom Stacks vocal) 1929
Ted Lewis and his Band
“You've Got That Thing” - (from "Fifty Million Frenchmen") - (Cole Porter) 1930
Louis Armstrong and his Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra
“Sweethearts On Parade” - (Carmen Lombardo / Charles Newman) “The Peanut Vendor” - (Moisés Simons) “You're Lucky To Me” - (From "Lew Lesilie's Blackbirds of 1930") - (Eubie Blake / Andy Razaf) “You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)” - (Walter Donaldson)
Lee Morse and her Bluegrass Boys “The Little Things In Life”- (Irving Berlin) 1943
Andrews Sisters
Shoo-Shoo Baby
Bing Crosby
White Christmas LYRICS:
Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella Just let a smile be your umbrella, On a rainy, rainy day . . . And if your sweetie cries, just tell her, That a smile will always pay . . . Whenever skies are gray, Don’t you worry or fret, A smile will bring the sunshine, And you’ll never get wet! So, let a smile be your umbrella, On a rainy, rainy day . . . Just let a smile be your umbrella, On a rainy, rainy day . . . And if your sweetie cries, just tell her, That a smile will always pay . . . Whenever skies are gray, Don’t worry or fret, A smile will bring the sunshine, And you’ll never get wet! So, let a smile be your umbrella, On a rainy, rainy day . . . Just let a smile be your umbrella, On a rainy, rainy day . . . On a rainy, rainy day . . . On a rainy, rainy day . . .
"Sweethearts On Parade" ~ (C. Lombardo - C. Newman) Two by two, they go marching through, The sweethearts on parade I can't help crying as they pass me by, The sweethearts on parade I'd love to join them but, But they, they go by me, Cause it takes more than one to join their, their army How I pine just to fall in line With the sweethearts on parade I'd love to join them, but, But they go by me And it takes more than one to join their army How I pine, I pine to fall in line, With the sweethearts on parade (With the sweethearts on parade) With the sweethearts on parade TubaGirlFin brought to you by... ~confetta
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