Painter of "Little Pierrot", "Monkey Love", "Blues Gal" and "Dreamgirls" series (you may have seen them on boingboing). Amy's art has been exhibited in galleries and museums for many years and also featured in top magazines (such as Rolling Stone and Esquire). She sometimes plays music in The Hokum Scorchers band. Her recent solo art show was held in Los Angeles, CA. It was called "Dreamgirls and Ukes". She is also the creator of Tickler fine art ukuleles.
My Photo
Artist, Illustrator, Mad Hatter, Self-Publisher,
Inventor, and Nightowl based in Cheshire, England.
Tuxedos and Cocktails
News, Designs, Projects, And Musings,
From San Francisco Mural Artist Lynn Rutter.
A movie blog celebrating the late
silent movies and early talkies.
Jeff Cohen's brings supplies readers wishing to
learn more about the history of the Vitaphone
sound process.
the strange and beautiful
home to cleveland's writers and readers
About me:
"Unhealthy book fetishism from a reader,
collector, and amateur historian of forgotten literature.

SinTax - John Moore Williams

Intermittently updating the various spheres...

Poetry Concrete at its best.

This Blog celebrates the life and music of one of the greatest vocalists of the 1930's Dance Band era, Al Bowlly.
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Reminiscing in Tempo at a Moment's Notice for no reason at all, in C.
Classic Styles & Artist From New Orleans, Chicago, New York City, Kansas City, Los Angeles & Europe. Enjoy & Discover Rare Early Jazz Music.
The card board Hit of the week - Durium records were released during the Depression years early 1930s, as a weekly, cheap, unbreakable and "durable" record in the US and Europe. This blog is dedicated to these rare ephemeral flexible records.
The official blog of RADIOLA--
a program of 1920s and 1930s jazz and pop
with DJ and the delightful raconteur Andy Senior.
News about Radio Dismuke along with commentary and analysis on Internet radio, technology and the rebirth of the music and popular culture of the early 1900s decades.
A blog / podcast with an early and golden age tango music.
An inspiring blog with a special focus
on Korea, Culture & Art. Romanian born,
Marilyn claims that English is not her
native language. Hooey! Marilyn guides
her readers in the right direction. I follow
her blog on Twitter & on FaceBook and I
always find a wealth of Art, Culture, Insight,
Literature, and more!
Berliner Gunther Stephan takes his readers
on a stunning tour of Architecture, Art, Aviation,
Culture, History, Literature, Narcotics, Poetry,
Photography, War and much more. Academic --
but never dry! -- finally someone is teaching
something that I WANT to learn -- for free!
How is it I can choose a blog
that is in a foreign language
that I can't EVEN read?
Martin Pulaski's taste is exquisite.
The "Hoochiekoochie" blog is
literature, dreams, popular culture,
film, philosophy and photography.
Martin's heart and soul are in it.
Lady Bunny is a Southern transvestite showgirl.
She loves pudding and owls! And owl pudding.
Her interests areHer blog is ALWAYS a HOOT.
Celebrating the Jazz Age (1920s-1930s.)
TubaGirlFin brought to you by... ~confetta

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